Jess Champagne



New Books to add to my list!

After much feedback from friends and my Facebook fam, I'm adding these to my list:


The long meow (This one is thanks to this Slate review)

The End of the Alphabet by C.S. Richardson.

from Dr. Jess "I love the way it is written, it's the only book I have been able to read to the end lately, and it's not too long so it will make room for the other books on your list :)"

"Also, if you haven't read Bud, Not Buddy or The Watsons go to should add those." (sister)

"Perfidia for a crime novel. Solomon Gursky Was Here. Notes From a Dead House out in March." (Writer friend)

" Stephen Frey: John Sandford: Micheal Connelly"

"Outlander (Diana Gabaldon)" (psych friend)

Also a few more from my bibliophile father in law, will update again.